Governance Readiness

We are advancing the sound governance and management of water resources by supporting the preparedness of institutions.

Our mission is to advance governance and management of water resources for sustainable and equitable development. Working through our regional hubs we engage partners around the world to change behaviours, strengthen institutions, build pilots and catalyse investment for water-wise sustainable development.

We work across sectors and administrative borders to strengthen water governance:  

We facilitate dialogue across political jurisdictions.

Our Country and Regional Water Partnerships facilitate multi-stakeholder dialogues and promote sustainable transboundary water resources management at national and regional levels.

  • We work at the technical level to open up dialogues where water conflicts exist.
  • We mobilise key stakeholders including river basin/lakes organisations, institutions supporting cooperation over transboundary aquifers, regional economic commissions, governments, and local communities and users of transboundary waters.
  • We mobilise youth groups focused on water resources issues to build positive momentum for regional dialogues.

We share knowledge about water governance practices and international water law.

We have found that facilitating knowledge sharing provides a positive environment for otherwise potentially adversarial dialogue to be initiated.

  • We provide training on water governance and international water law.
  • We support peer-to-peer learning and knowledge sharing among transboundary water practitioners.
  • We engage government, regional economic bodies, and other key transboundary basin stakeholders in learning processes and opportunities.

We build integrated water resouces management capacity. 

Where water resources cross boundaries, political complexities exist that empower some but not all actors to put IWRM into practice. GWP teams deploy a wide range of measures to foster transboundary water cooperation.

  • We support investment planning and mobilising finance.
  • We contribute to the development of transboundary water action plans and to the establishment of joint institutional mechanisms.
  • We advocate for reducing disaster risks through data sharing
  • We facilitate integrated management in transboundary basins, as well as from source to sea. 

The outcome of our work is effective and inclusive water governance and management systems and investments and improved water related infrastructure.