Regional Water Partnerships

The GWP Network comprises 13 Regional Water Partnerships. A Regional Water Partnership is comprised of all GWP Partners in a region. Representatives of Partners in a region may be a member of the regional Steering Committee (or equivalent).

Regional Water Partnerships (RWPs) have a special function to share knowledge and experience across national boundaries and are expected to have an open, inclusive, and gender-sensitive membership policy for bringing together as wide a group of stakeholders as possible.

RWPs often convene stakeholders to address specific issues in order to bring about solutions that are tailored to local conditions and informed by experiences and good practices from across the Network.

RWPs also provide support to the implementation of activities at regional and country level as set out in work plans and budgets.

RWPs govern themselves and the Regional Secretariat manages day-to-day operations. In most cases the RWP is attached to a Host Institution which administers funds and employs staff on behalf of the partnership through a Host Institution Agreement.