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5 Tips To Set Up The FBM For Selling Products Online

Selling on the largest marketplace, Amazon involves the many important decisions every seller should take at every step.  This blog is perfect if you are worried about choosing the right shipping method for your products. 

Here we will tell you about the best Amazon shipping method, FBM ( fulfillment by merchant).  You can learn here about the 5 tips that help you set up the FBM and start selling the products online. 

Fulfillment by merchant ( FBM ) 

What is Amazon FBM?  Amazon FBM, or fulfillment by the merchant, is the best fulfillment method in which the sellers control the entire process related to the product.  Amazon sellers are single people responsible for every step of products, from packing and shipping to delivering. 

It is upon the seller whether they choose to deliver the product to the buyer directly or take help from a third-party delivery service.  FBA takes a lot of time to fulfill the customer’s order.  This is why FBM is more beneficial than FBA because Amazon merchants fulfill orders quickly and efficiently here. 

How to set the FBM to start selling products 

Here we will tell you some tips that will help you set up the Amazon FBM to sell the products online. 

  1. Product listing on Amazon

When you create an Amazon seller account online, you have to list the products online in the catalog.  It is suggested to list the products with descriptions and APT images to improve the conversion rates.  Ensure to structure your PPC campaign correctly if you want to increase sales.  

  1. Ship the orders on time 

Once you get the order from customers, you have to ensure to ship the item based on the delivery date predicted by Amazon.  If you deliver the product late, your customer may be angry and leave bad reviews on your site. 

If you are unsure how to ship the products correctly, you should choose the carrier.  There are many options available in a carrier.  So ensure to do deep research and compare the shipping rate of multiple options to choose them for shipping the products through carriers. 

  1. Always give the tracking number to customers. 

As the seller, providing the tracking number to your customer on every order is suggested.  In this way, they can better trust your services. 

  1. Provide the good return policy

You have to accept all returns according to Amazon policy.  So, clear return instructions for packing and item listing are important.  You should check whether you have a valid return address where you can receive the returns. 

  1. Select where to store the inventory

It is suggested to choose the warehouse location strategically to avoid the same shipping costs.  If you are running a small business, you should rent a room and temporarily use your home. 


Every Amazon seller has a unique way of selling their products.  If you want to make your successful business journey as a profitable Amazon seller, FBM is a great option. 

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