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Things to Consider Before Using Air Freight:

The most expensive transportation option is often air freight. If getting your product rapidly to market is your top goal, air freight shipping may be the best choice. Whatever the reason you decide to export by air, there are several important factors to consider before committing to air freight shipments.

We’ve gathered a collection of business advice and best practices that might help you avoid mistakes and save time, money, and effort.

Things to Consider Before Using Air Freight:

Actual weight versus volume weight:

Depending on which number is higher, airfreight is typically paid by either volumetric or actual weight. It is because large parcels, although relatively less in weight, can occupy more of an airplane’s cargo space than small, heavier things.

Importers must check the difference between volume and actual weight when shipping by air. If an importer is unaware of this distinction, there may be expensive shocks.

The volume weight is the equivalent weight of the volume that the package occupies about its dimensions. The package’s actual weight is what the scale indicates. The three dimensions of a package are multiplied to get the volume weight. It makes it simpler to determine the overall freight capacity needed by allowing aircraft operators to choose the size and weight of items in their entirety.

When shipping through air freight, get the product’s dimensions after packaging. The high volume weight will apply if the volume weight is more than the actual weight, which will typically result in a considerable increase in your cost.

Custom Crating and Logistics is looking out for your best interests. They will assist you in choosing the least-weight packaging alternatives for your products. Use durable, lightweight packing to save unforeseen delivery expenses. To optimize your transportation procedure, you must minimize volumetric weight while offering your goods the best protection.

Special items like electronics:

There may be packing requirements for the goods to be protected during flight. Air freight and ocean freight may have different needs.

Items that include batteries, such as electrical devices, are an example of unique commodities. Before they may be approved for delivery, these products must be wrapped and labeled. Inadequate packaging might result in costly delays or fines. Before delivering your goods to the airport, your supplier and freight forwarder must be informed of special requirements.

Before choosing air freight, there are a few things to take into account if your electrical goods contain batteries:

Before your items are packaged and dispatched to the air freight provider, review all shipping criteria.

Aluminum sheets must be positioned between the batteries and the electrical gadgets to keep the batteries from coming into contact with specific types of metals while transported. Product safety is maintained by this precaution.

Make sure the freight forwarder you choose can assist you in packaging your particular cargo as efficiently as possible. 

We have years of experience in logistics and an extensive understanding of air cargo transportation at Custom Crating and Logistics. We’ll be able to simplify things and reduce tension thanks to our knowledge. You’ll be confident that your charges are reasonable and that your items are secure.

Proper documentation:

Before shipment, you must compile, evaluate, and finish all required paperwork, such as packing lists and commercial invoices. Your forwarder should know what is necessary when shipping through air freight, such as the precise information needed on those documents.

We at Custom Crating and Logistics know the forms you will need to submit and those we will need to finish on your behalf. We always request them in advance to stay on track and achieve crucial deadlines. Our knowledgeable team thoroughly examines all the paperwork to guarantee a smooth process. By doing this, there won’t be any last-minute delays, and we’ll typically pre-clear your goods, reducing the time it takes to reach its market.

Direct Service vs. Deferred Service:

Knowing if you are on a direct or postponed service is crucial when you schedule an air freight package. Direct service is what it sounds like; there are no pauses between the airports. A one- to two-day trip time is typical for direct plane service. Depending on the number of stops along the way, deferred service may need three to five days.

A small amount of air freight flies aboard passenger planes, although particular goods, such as electronics with batteries, are not permitted. A novice forwarder could not alert you until it’s too late, causing your cargo to be delayed.

Custom Crating and Logistics starts working on your package in total transparency. We ensure that everything is taken care of to prevent expensive delays throughout any stage of travel. Keeping our promises is our priority. 

Freight insurance:

Despite having high prices, cargo insurance is not often included in the price of air freight. Shippers frequently make the error of believing it does or choose to forgo it to save money.

Transporting goods is inherently dangerous, and cargo loss can happen at any stage of the shipping process. Mistakes happen every time a shipment changes hands, from your supplier to a local trucker to the receiving facility to the airline. Cargo can be mistreated, left outside, or even stolen. 

You may have peace of mind by purchasing affordable cargo insurance. The insurance company pays claims fast, and your forwarder manages the process from getting coverage to submitting claims. Although seasoned forwarders like Custom Crating and Logistics will always offer insurance via the same insurer providing their firm liability coverage, this insurance policy is yours, not your forwarder’s.

Shipping through air freight with Custom Crating and Logistics:

Custom Crating and Logistics is highly trustworthy and transparent. We assist our customers in making knowledgeable choices regarding every step of the shipping procedure.

At Custom Crating and Logistics, we know how important reliable and efficient transportation is to your business. It lowers your expenses and keeps your consumers happy. Custom Crating and Logistics is the finest in the market when streamlining the shipping process. By doing our duties well, we enable our customers to excel in theirs.

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